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Gainesville Insurance Claim Experts are Here To Help

If you're a Gainesville, Florida policyholder struggling with an insurance claim, Gainesville public adjusters may be able to help. We are insurance claims adjusters who work directly with policyholders, an invaluable service during a time of stress.

Why Use Gainesville Public Adjusters?
Insurance claims, particularly large property damage claims, are difficult for inexperienced policyholders to manage on their own. If it's your first time, you'll likely find yourself surrounded by a pile of paperwork filled with confusing terms. Plus, your financial future is at stake. Add in the stress of dealing with lost personal belongings and a damaged home or business and you're setting yourself up for a long, stressful journey.

While your insurance company will assign a claims adjuster to your claim, make no mistake, that adjuster is not necessarily there to help you. In reality, it's up to you to make the claim and claim all of your losses. The insurance company's representative is there to make sure that your claims are valid and should, in fact, be paid.

Thus, you need to prove your losses -- and Gainesville public adjusters can do just that for you. We take over your entire insurance claim. With the help of Gainesville public adjusters, your claim can be fully documented and maximized.

For example, Gainesville public adjusters will:
. Review your insurance policy as part of our insurance claims strategy development process. 
. Inspect your property for signs of damage and for all covered losses -- including hard to spot or hidden property damage. We know what's common after various catastrophes and what to look for.
. Document all of your property damage and losses using photos, videos, detailed inventories, thermal imaging, and other tools.
. Estimate your losses using industry pricing guides and loss estimating software.
. Fight for every single penny owed to you.

How Gainesville Public Adjusters May Be Able to Reach a Higher Insurance Settlement
We may be able to get you a much higher insurance settlement than you'd receive otherwise due to several factors:
. We actively search for every possible claim. Is your insurance company's representative doing so? Probably not.
. We push for maximum value. Where your claims adjuster may say a little fresh paint is all that's needed in areas adjacent to damage and subsequent repairs, we're going to push for a complete restoration. This may mean new baseboards, drywall, insulation, flooring, or cabinetry so that the entire room matches the new repair.
. We find and counter lowball estimates. It's not unusual for adjusters to use "handyman" rates rather than the more expensive licensed general contractor rates. 
. We have your back! Gainesville public adjusters approach your entire claim from your side whereas your insurance company's adjuster approaches it from the insurance company's side. 

If you want less pressure and a higher insurance settlement, make sure that your claim handled by a licensed public insurance claims adjuster. Contact us today to get started.